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To Teach or not to Teach

There is a lot of communication and visibility in the media right now about teacher strikes, conditions, classroom support and pay rises. It’s not all sunshine and roses so I wanted to share a little something from my teaching experience.

I love teaching. I love that I am able to teach somebody something new today. Maybe a child learnt about keeping themselves safe or perhaps they learnt what a verb is. This job is full of surprises.

Being a teacher is a bit more ‘hands on’ than people think. Our days are busy with big ideas and plans on how to help kids understand a simple concept. BUT, we also become the nurse when kids are sick, the empath when things are not right, the mind reader when trying to work out a solution to a problem you never knew existed and clairvoyant too- just because sometimes you need to be a forward thinker.

On top of that you plan lessons based on each child and their needs, how they learn, what makes them tick, what they love and where they might need support. We make positives out of everything.  Everyone becomes a champion at something when they are at school. You chat with parents, talk with other teachers to pick up ideas or strategies for your classroom. You try to make every lesson fun even though some of them are not your forte. It’s like trying to make a Brussel sprout a lot more interesting and delicious to eat. Sometimes – it takes a wee bit more sauce!!

We teach kids how to be resilient by setting challenges in class. They problem solve, collaborate, share, take turns, challenge themselves and strive for excellence- most of the time. We even give them strategies on how to work with the kid that gets you into trouble just for looking at them.

We believe in these children and know what they can do. We see them grow and develop everyday in class yet there are times when well – this says it all!!

Yep, some days are tougher than others. Some days you argue with the photocopier and other days you feel like you’re on repeat saying the same thing over and over.

At the end of it all- we are there for the children. Teaching (primary, ECE or secondary) is similar to parenting because so much happens in the background -(a lot of planning, thinking and reasoning) that no one sees.

But it’s not all about the glory or a pay check. Sometimes it’s the little things. For me, I want to be the teacher who has the chance to make a difference to one person. Just ONE person!

When I was at school, I had a teacher in primary school, Miss Ferguson. She was lovely, friendly, took the time to work with me, understood how I worked things out and gave me support when I needed it. I want kids in my class to have the same chance that I did. I may not be Miss Ferguson (although I hope I am)  but I want the children to have the same chancesThat I had when I was in her class.

Parents, thank you for sending your children to me. You help me find that something good everyday even though their ears may be painted on some days or they ask you to repeat everything you just said.  But its that ONE moment of awesomeness each day which keeps me going!!

Funniest moment today was when they were practically dancing in my face because they know the answer!!

Well I think I will sign out for today ………. oh wait!!  I just remembered, there was a meme I saw recently on Instagram and it went something like this……….

Architects make houses. Painters make paintings. Engineers make bridges but teachers make them all.

I know there are strikes happening for alll sorts of reasons but PLEASE be patient with us, just as we are patient with your child.  Remember that we are here to support you, your child and our future and the outcome of these strikes will be another step forward in giving your child the best they can get!!   We teachers are thinking about what the children need  daily so help us give it to them.

Nga mihi nui

Rosie 🌹


Published by Rosie 🌹

Hey, I'm Rosie, originally from Scotland but live here in sunny NZ with my hubby and 2 kids. I am a lover of books, social media, music and sometimes fitness. I am also a full time primary teacher, full time mum, full time household manager and a full time wife. Life itself can actually be quite tough, challenging and sometimes throw a curve ball at us, but through all that we survive. My survival route is finding the positives in everything no matter how small or insignificant. My goal is to share the positives with whoever wants to listen. I can only tell you my story, its the only one I know so...... Welcome to Life's Rosie!!

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