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Finish What You Start

So I saw this meme (I see alot of this daily). This one was pretty good and it made me laugh. I figured you might enjoy it too!!

Did it make you think of the bottle of wine in the fridge? Or the chocolate block hiding on the shelf in the cupboard? Perhaps even the yummy biscuits in the pantry? I reckon.

But in all honesty, I also looked at the few jobs that I haven’t finished like the little bit of sewing, the ironing bundle and the deck that needs staining (which will need to wait until the sun is shining again) and even the ever scary filing of paperwork.

Yep, I am quite guilty of just not making it to the end of the line. Its not that I don’t want to finish, its just that it seems like a great idea to start, so off I go with a hiss and a roar but soon enough I run out of steam or enthusiasm for it. Then I see that meme and it reminds to do a bit of a catch up and get finished. So I have made a list. Yes, I made another list but at least this one doesn’t need to leave home with me. Right now its quite long so I secretly wish it would leave home by itself. Well maybe the fairies could pop in to complete all these tasks.

Then I remember that I am the fairy!! I reckon I need to start sprinkling my magic everywhere by making a dent on those icky jobs. They could wait till tomorrow but then….. there are only so many tomorrows.

My positive in all this is that instead of waiting till Monday or starting tomorrow as I always tell myself. I decided to start yesterday. I figured that would be as good a day as any and so far I have done really well. That list is slowly disappearing and there isn’t anything new landing on it either. Poof!! Just like that!! So let me help you find your inner fairy and get tackling those icky jobs yesterday!! Its super cool. At least you can say you did that yesterday!!

Happy fairying (not even sure if thats word but it was yesterday)

Rosie 🌹


Published by Rosie 🌹

Hey, I'm Rosie, originally from Scotland but live here in sunny NZ with my hubby and 2 kids. I am a lover of books, social media, music and sometimes fitness. I am also a full time primary teacher, full time mum, full time household manager and a full time wife. Life itself can actually be quite tough, challenging and sometimes throw a curve ball at us, but through all that we survive. My survival route is finding the positives in everything no matter how small or insignificant. My goal is to share the positives with whoever wants to listen. I can only tell you my story, its the only one I know so...... Welcome to Life's Rosie!!

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