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So what fitnessy things do you do??

Well I am sorta trying a bit of everything at the moment. I don’t seem to commit to a program for any one length of time. Maybe I just get bored with it but I also find the bits of them that I really love. That’s my other super power!!

Have you heard of The Body Boss Method?? I saw a post on FB a while back and it looked ok. I did my research thingy and the next thing I knew I was the proud owner of the manual and online access.

It’s actually a really neat program. Now I started with pre-Training and very glad I did!! It’s a HIT workout program designed to build your strength & resilience while toning your body. I made it through 12 weeks of the program!! I found it really helpful in building my strength, fitness, core and muscle retention.

It gives you exercises for daily workouts like this one. I promise it may look easy enough but you will be sweating like a stuck pig by the end of it. 😂

And the program also suggests you try some cardio some days or maybe even yoga. I liked that part. They do offer a meal program too but I didn’t go for that!! Have a look on my Instagram and have a look at some of my posts from earlier this year!!

In my 12 weeks I didn’t lose much weight but my body is stronger and fitter than it was before!! I took before and after pictures so check this out after a few weeks!!

I definitely felt the difference but just keeping up with it and work and kids and my Uber skills was just too much.

Here’s the thing, I still do the workouts but just not in the same context!! I have added some yoga- this cheeky body needs some strength and stretches!! If you’d told me a year ago that I would be doing yoga, I would have laughed!! Yet if you told me a year ago that I would teaching Primary – I would have laughed harder!!

We define our own lives and are the creators of our own journey!!

I have been watching a friend who has been posting Adrienne’s workouts and they have popped up on my Fitness FB group quite a bit.

She is on Youtube and has heaps of links. I find it quite refreshing in the morning to try a quick few minutes of yoga which helps me set up my day.

So I will leave it here for you to find your way in this crazy world of change!! Just remember that you can’t go back and start a new beginning but you can start today to create a new ending.

Have faith

Rosie 🌹


Published by Rosie 🌹

Hey, I'm Rosie, originally from Scotland but live here in sunny NZ with my hubby and 2 kids. I am a lover of books, social media, music and sometimes fitness. I am also a full time primary teacher, full time mum, full time household manager and a full time wife. Life itself can actually be quite tough, challenging and sometimes throw a curve ball at us, but through all that we survive. My survival route is finding the positives in everything no matter how small or insignificant. My goal is to share the positives with whoever wants to listen. I can only tell you my story, its the only one I know so...... Welcome to Life's Rosie!!

One thought on “Fit(ish)

  1. Love this! What a great article. I’m all about the cardio but only because I teach Zumba four/five times a week. To be honest, I’m too tired and too skunnered with the gym to want to go back and do weights after that. I need a good program that incorporates weights at home. And yoga. I definitely need yoga in my life!!!

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