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Fit bit

Don’t you love your gadgets when they work?! I certainly do but help my life, I just didn’t know what to do with my Fitbit this past week.

So it’s a cute wee gadget watch- Charge 3 (Check it out here) in blue (my FAVOURITE colour) and rose gold. It tracks my steps, calories, weight, lady days, active minutes, floors (I think that means when you like go upstairs and what not) and sleep 💤.

I love 💕 it!! I am not one of those airy fairy people who track their meals and water intake and work to a calorie controlled diet – it just doesn’t work for me. See my posts about fasting. It explains my lifestyle now!!

Anyways my watch has been great!! Double tap and you see the time, tap again and it shows my steps, calories and active minutes. I sync it daily with my Fitbit app. I do love it!! I even have groups on Fitbit where I can join challenges each week which encourages you to get moving!! Workweek hustle is my favourite!! I don’t always win them but I strive NOT to be at the bottom!

Anyways this week it’s been a struggle as my watch hasn’t been working properly. So it calibrated all the info but my screen has been blank. So I hit google and found out to reset it. No joy. Still blank. So I messaged Fitbit and they gave me some instructions which was fun. Still no joy. So I emailed them again and got more instructions but still no joy. Turns out I am wearing this really nice arm band!!

Fitbit have been awesome!! They are sending me a new one as my watch is still under warranty!! Yay!!!

So I am eagerly awaiting a new tracker so when I actually tap the screen I can see the time! 😂😂 sometimes it is just the little things!!

It pays to be patient!! Bring on the new tracker Fitbit!! I am itching to see my screen working again!!

For the people looking at Fitbit- it’s awesome!! I had a verse before and upgraded to the Charge 3. Love it and would recommend it to anyone!! I used my Flybuys rewards points to purchase mine!! Definitely worth a look see!!

Well I think I will let you go shopping and see what you can find today!!

Happy shopping Fitbit lovers!!

Rosie 🌹


Published by Rosie 🌹

Hey, I'm Rosie, originally from Scotland but live here in sunny NZ with my hubby and 2 kids. I am a lover of books, social media, music and sometimes fitness. I am also a full time primary teacher, full time mum, full time household manager and a full time wife. Life itself can actually be quite tough, challenging and sometimes throw a curve ball at us, but through all that we survive. My survival route is finding the positives in everything no matter how small or insignificant. My goal is to share the positives with whoever wants to listen. I can only tell you my story, its the only one I know so...... Welcome to Life's Rosie!!

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