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Today is day 12 of self isolation or the COVID 19 lockdown. I have to admit that I am actually enjoying this time at home. Normally I am itching to get out and about but hanging out at home with the kids has been cool. Usually we are dropping someone off here or picking up a kid from there. It doesn’t seem to end so this break from the norm is welcome!!

We have eaten really well and I have time for baking and cooking. I am developing a keen interest in the latter and have been trying some new ideas. Not eating out has been fabulous for us as a family. How is it for you?? What do you miss? Me, well not much to be honest. I never really did much for me so nothing to miss there. I am however enjoying my books. I have read the series called The Chronicles of Kerrigan . A real gripper to be honest.

One thing this has done is set up a new routine of balance. I don’t know about you but I have managed to achieve so many things in this time at home. One of my goals was to read more so I think we can tick that off the list. I also started a list of jobs for the week…about 5 items each week. I managed to get through quite a bit but the first few days of lock down were school days so I was online working through stuff with my students, touching base with me and posting in our online forum.

Currently, its our school holidays so I can actually get some jobs completed at home. I managed to complete my list of jobs this week and now I will have to change up my list for next week. Funnily enough, the kids are still working through their daily time tables which include school work LOL. They have been helping a bit but they are so not into cleaning windows or spring cleaning the house. That’s on me. They are just chilling out and getting through their school tasks which is fabulous BUT they are also having fun.

One thing I have found quite welcoming, is having time for me. I reckon once we get back to normal most of us will itching to get our fingers stuck into the good old times. For me, I will be reflecting on what I value the most and start to make a plan soon for the things that are important to me and that I will get back into or recreate. I love that I am getting my fitness goals back and really working towards my goal for each day which is at least 30 minutes a day of something. I dusted off the treadmill, found my weights and stretch bands. The kids have been joining with some of this too but after a few days they got bored with that one so they’re off bouncing on the trampoline or shooting some hoops.

I love that we can just be us for the moment. The best thing is that we are just working out what we do day by day. So for today, I will say see ya soon and keep safe peeps.

Rosie 🌹


Mr Stink….

Oh! Em! Gee!!

My house has stunk🤮 for the past few days. I have been looking everywhere for the source, but nothing. I have stuck air fresheners in but honestly, Spring Delight was just not working.

I got up this morning on a mission, not my original plan for today but I have cleaned out two bedrooms, moved furniture and stripped beds. I now have laundry coming out my ears.

BUT I found the culprit! A dead rotting bird corpse hidden a corner underneath lots of other girlie stuff! Poor Miss HD has come home to the upheaval!! But on the upside, she has a nice clean fresh as a daisy room!!

Now Tinsel, I see you’ve been Christmas shopping and thank you, we love you too 😂 BUT please please PLEEEEEASE don’t leave your packages 📦 hidden #cats #badsmells #stinky #gifts

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Rosie 🌹


So it’s been a wee while since I wrote here. This year has been a bit of a fluster what with Covid, working from home, getting back into the swing of things.

School has been busy, just settling and re-settling kids seems to be the thing. So I felt it only right that I have a little treat! I got myself a puppy 🐶. Yes a puppy.

I hear you say, wow that’s not so bad but wait…..there’s more!! We have been visiting our puppy since we decided to get it. Hubby wasn’t overly fussed with the puppy thing but he came around.

She is pretty cute!! I have to say. I decided that I would name this one as I couldn’t take another stupid name for another pet. Crikey, we had lambs called superman and Spider-Man, a cat called Tinsel and another called Simba (hubby calls that one Zumba). LOL 😆 So meet Bonnie…..

See, she is cute, right?? She has been amazing. We’ve had her one full week now, she is sleeping through the night. Honestly, it’s like having a baby 🤰 and we aren’t having so many ‘accidents‘. The crazy thing that popped up was our cat Simba, is the first EVER male cat to have babies. Yes, we have kittens and a puppy 🤣🤣

These little things are the cutest. They are now five weeks old and getting into everything! Just the other day we lost them but found them in amongst Miss HD’s dance ⚔️ swords. It was a tight fit but they managed it.

I think the hardest thing of all is the fact that I broke my ankle a few weeks ago and currently in a cast. I am crawling all over the floor to get Bonnie outside to pee and cleaning up after kittens!! It’s been a bit busy and stressful!!

So, I just wanted to share our drama with you and hope that you are feeling safe and well in tough times. If needed, treat yourself but be careful what you wish for!!

There’s these pics that pop every now and then that have the caption ‘Don’t be like…’ so To close today, Don’t be like Rose 🌹. Walk don’t run, don’t get puppies and kittens just pick one!! There’s no need to be greedy! LOL.

Times are hard for us all but kindness and mindfulness is really important right now! Be safe and be well.

Until next time….

Take care ROSIE 🌹

Kitten Love 💓

Happy Labour Weekend!

We had a surprise delivery on Saturday morning. Simba welcomes 4 new kittens 🐱

Just thought I would share some happiness!

Have a great weekend

Rose 🌹

Just Strong 💪🏽

I have began a new journey recently. I am working on empowering me and motivating myself! You will have seen that I have been on the quiet side lately….nothing awful just trying to find who I am right now!!

This is me. I am not just me. I am a mum. I am a wife. I work full time. I run a class of 10/11 year olds. I love my job and my family. It is everything that’s good in my life.

Just recently though, I turned 50. Yep, the nifty fifties!! It doesn’t feel bad, nothing has changed really except my perceptions. So I decided that I really need to do something for me.

Guess what? I signed up with a fitness instructor and I am getting my booty in shape. For me. For my kids. For my health. For my wellbeing. Just for ME mostly. I need to be again!!

I have started my journey with a new upgraded attitude and hopefully very soon a new wardrobe! Check out for some awesome fitness and inspiring outfits to get your journey started!!

@JustStrong where we empower women to be strong 💪🏽 and feel great!!

Happy browsing!!

Rosie 🏋🏽🌹

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Birthday 🎂 Boy

Help me give this kid a shout out!! He is the neatest kid, even though he drives me demented at times, makes my hair sparkly, brings tears to my eyes and is just a helpful little dude! He is my kid after all!!

Happy birthday dude!! Obviously being 11, it’s just too cool to PARTY like you used to. Now we just have friends over and Mum has to come up with some brilliant plan. I love that he likes to do cool stuff like have nerf wars still!!

We’re not having one of those today! Nope, we are just chilling out before Nan and Grandad arrive for his birthday dinner (it’s the rule on your birthday- you choose where to eat). It’s all planned out with a roast, gravy (very important) and potato dish! We have banana cake and rice bubble slice for desert. He will hang out with his friends on the weekend, no doubt play station it for a bit before pigging out on chip pies and lollies. ! The best!!

Well thanks for the shout! Have a fab day and I will chat in a few days when I get over this!!

Keep safe peeps x

Rosie 🌹

Whakatauki or Proverb

I love sharing things that I pick up from here and there. So today, I have going to leave this here. Particular to New Zealand culture but I think we would all appreciate a little kindness!!

Ka kite

Rosie 🌹

Teacher v Mum

I can tell you it ain’t easy being a teacher some days but I don’t know what I was thinking when I brought my son to my school. 😱

Well I do really!

I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to be in the same spot? We would hang out a bit each day, have chats and travel together. Wouldn’t it be neat to NEVER miss an event because I can’t get the day off? Wouldn’t it be cool to give myself a reason for talking to myself? (Parent/teacher conference- works every time).

Man, how thick am I?? Honestly, like any parent, I love 💕 my kids and would move heaven and earth to keep them safe but seriously- I used to love my drive 🚙 to work. I would sit back for 10-15 minutes (speed dependent) on my drive and enjoy the quiet.

Yep that’s long gone! No more quiet time. Nope. None. Nada. Zip. Caput. That kid talks non-stop. Yep, it’s constant. He even talks in his sleep! I don’t actually know how to get around it so I have resorted to ignoring. Seems sad really, but honestly, my mind needs to close a few browsers every now and then!!

On the up side (hmm there is one). I get the inside scoop on the happenings in my class! I know Everything and I mean EVERYTHING! The students think I have eyes in the back of my head (I do really- I am a parent). They haven’t yet worked out how I know it all!!

He is also great at giving feedback, like today. We were learning division strategies. I thought we were working away quite nicely. I had started with easy division and then went into long division. I could see one of the kids didn’t quite get it- so I asked what he didn’t get, like you do as a teacher. Well then the boy child (that would be my child) steps up “Mum, you might want to rethink this teaching strategy, I don’t think it’s working.”

And they wonder why we drink 🍷? So not sure where I was going with the story but I think you get the idea! I should maybe go make myself a nice cuppa tea!! You know what they say, a cuppa tea solves all your problems!!

Have a fun night and we will chat very soon.

Stay safe x

Rosie 🌹


Over the lock down I got stuck into a series. I usually prefer reading a paper book. I love the smell and the fact that you can lay down in a position and your book is just the same!!

However as I have gotten older my eyes are beginning to feel the toll and so I actually like to read on my kindle. The back light flips on and I can adjust the size of the text to suit the mood. If I have had a particularly loooonnnng day, they the font is a little bigger. Lol

Anyway I have been reading this series.

It started with the free books, which is often what I go with! I really enjoyed this set and began to relate a little to the characters. It’s a magical theme but not Harry Potter! There is a magical school but it’s different. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I thought I would share it with you!!

So far I think I have about 12 books. See what you think!!!

Enjoy!! Or you can share your titles with me!!

Rosie 🌹

Chain Posts on social media

How do you feel when you get tagged in some chain post thing? I have mixed feelings about them. I suppose it kinda depends on the chain thing!!

First I got the push up challenge which I declined. Seriously?? 25 push ups for 25 days! Nope, then it was the Being a Mum challenge. Post 1 picture a day for 10 days of your kids. Well I do that all the time so bollocks!

Then finally I get one I like. Post an album a day of music that influenced your taste in music!! This one I liked but decided NOT to tag everyone and sundry!!

So here we are, let me show you some of the albums that shaped my music choices!!

So, here I am just finished this challenge and enjoyed it. Forgive me if I didn’ttag you but if you fancy trying it, find someone who has posted and just go for it!!

Thanks for listening to my rant today!

Be safe out there

Rosie 🌹

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