Cleaning 🧼 Tips #4 The Fire

So, when cleaning the fire you most likely cringe at the thought because it’s such a messy job. Well I have a hot tip to help make this manly project move along a lot faster.

What do I do? Well firstly, I procrastinate about it for about an hour but you could always skip that step snd got straight to the oven cleaner. I don’t use when the glass is hot, so just be aware, it’s best when it’s cool!

You know that spray stuff I used to clean the oven with. I spray the glass on my fire door and leave for a while as I procrastinate some more. It may be an hour or so later when I come back, open up the door, clean out the ashes and sweep up the mess off the hearth. I then get a bucket of warm water and an old rag.

Now the oven cleaner has been on the glass for at least an hour so it should just wipe off easily with all the crusty muck. It takes a couple of wipe downs but then the glass is super clean again. If needed a wee bit elbow grease (give it good rub) might be required but within about 5 minutes your fire is cleaned and ready to go again.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!!! Stay healthy peeps!!

Rosie 🌹

Happy Mothers Day

To help get you get organised while on lock down, here is something fun the kids can do for mums on Mother’s Day.

Enjoy your day Mums!! You’ve earned it!!

Rosie 🌹

What’s on the menu today?

What have you been cooking up while on lock down? I know that we have been baking up a storm in our house, much more than usual. I feel like I have become the resident chef as well. Its not funny, as I have told you many times that I actually hate cooking although I feel like I am getting better.

Anyways, for lunches we have come up with yummy solutions to make it a bit more fun, exciting and different. We have been cooking up scones, pikelets, wraps, pizza and even some corn fritters (for the people who like corn obviously).

Two minutes noodles have been a favourite the past week too. Not as healthy as I would like but the Karate Kid could eat us out of house and home if I am not careful. Plenty apples, bananas and kiwi fruit going around but mostly ice blocks or ice lollies as i like to call them!!

I reckon the biggest thing is coming up with ideas of different things to cook and a variety with a house full of people who really don’t enjoy vegetables. Seriously, we just decided we like butter chicken for crying out loud!

So what are cooking up in your lock down kitchen bubble??

Rosie 🌹

Recipe for home made bread

Have you ever made bread from scratch? I can honestly say that I haven’t. Until today. I have a bread-maker so I often just rely on the trusty machine to rock out something amazing, but since we have been on lockdown, like everyone else, I have been doing a lot more cooking.

Now I really don’t know what happened this morning but I came bouncing out of bed with the idea that I would make bread myself today. Little did I know how long it would take, but saying that, the house smells delicious!! Nothing like home baking to make you feel good. I am no chef so i often rely on Pinterest or Instagram of Facebook to guide me and give me inspiration. I got it today when i searched up recipes for bread. A Taste of Home is an FB page and there was some really neat recipes that I have saved. There are a few links to other groups as well, so definitely worth a look. Perhaps you might be inspired to bake something wonderful or even new like me!!

The recipe I used is a Basic Homemade Bread and here is the link to find and perhaps try it!!


Rosie 🌹

My Talking Pet!! 😂

Did I tell you that I have been finding all these new apps?? Well here is the latest one. It’s actually fun. I have been using this quite a bit to share some tips with my students, they respond to the fun stuff much more.

It’s so much fun so before I go, well I am just going to leave this here. Something I made up for my students last week!!

Give it a try and have fun.

Stay safe

Rosie 🌹

Miss HIghland Dancer

So I thought I would post something a bit different today. Miss HD has been doing a bit of practice lately and so here are a couple of dances for you!!


Rosie 🌹

Cleaning 🧼 Tips #3 The Dishwasher

A date with your dishwasher 💙

Remove your filter and clean it with hot soapy water. Then pop the filter on the top tray of your dishwasher. Fill a cup with white vinegar and place the cup upright, also in the top tray. Turn your dishwasher on to a hot wash. Once finished, you can wipe the inside to make it sparkle.

If you have a dish drawer like me then just pour the cup of vinegar into your dishwasher and set on a normal wash. Once finished, your dish washer will be your best friend once again!! If you find it’s pretty smelly too, sprinkle a little baking soda in with your vinegar, it will start to fizz up. Run on the normal wash. It adds a little extra cleaning for the pipes too!!

Only one or two ingredients that you have at home!! No harsh chemicals and an easy fix!! 💙 I only clean mine once a month maybe just because it’s such a hassle free option! Keeping it clean regularly, makes it last longer!!

Have a fab day and let me know what your tips are!! If you try this pop a heart in the comments and let me know what you think!!

Rosie 🌹

An app a day

So I love my Fitbit Charge 3. That little gadget is the best thing since sliced bread!! But lately, it’s not been working so well. I think it’s sick.

It’s randomly syncing and I have to take it off my wrist and leave it for like half an hour to ‘cool down‘ and then it might sync. On top of that the screen is all weird, I can’t read half the stuff on it anymore so I thought stuff it. Time to call in the big dogs.

I did try resetting the thing which worked but took three days of attempts and me almost chucking it at the wall. So anyways, I messaged Fitbit support who are ALWAYS helpful but NOT THAT DAY, No.

Nope they upset me!! So I was talking to my friend on snap chat and I accidentally worked out how to download videos So there is my Fitbit rant!! 😂😂

So to help me calm down after my Fitbit excursion, I spent the best part of the day flicking between zoom, email, seesaw and Snapchat. I highly recommend just working with one app per day!! I think I went a bit crossed eyed at one point!! I couldn’t focus on the zoom thingy and it was work professional development after I talked to my students for a half an hour. That was fun x

I really love when things work out well. The upside of all the Fitbit stuff is that they are going to replace my gadget so that’s perfect!! It might be another seven days before it’s better but at least I can make funny videos and post them on Instagram.

I also found a couple of cool app’s thanks kids for downloading them!! So I have been playing away quite nicely and not getting any bloody work done! And her I am, blogging it to you!

Well I suppose I should actually go do some work. I think I have another class zoom to do. Fill up half an hour or so!!

Stay safe peeps

Rosie 🌹

Keeping the Kids busy on lockdown

So I know we are well into lock down and some of us are trying desperately to keep our kiddies busy!! Here are a few things that may help!! I find just one task a day is often enough to give them a focus.

Stay home and keep safe in your bubble!!

Rosie 🌹

Cleaning 🧼 Tips #6 The Smell in the Fridge

If you have a particularly smelly fridge, pop a little bowl with baking soda in your fridge to absorb the smell 😊 Just leave it there and it will absorb the nasty stink in no time!!

Super easy!! Have a fab day!! Let me know if you try this- leave a comment below!!

Rosie 🌹

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