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Being a parent is tough. Life can deal a few tough blows as well. Like most people, we have had our fair share of illness but the biggest surprise was just last week when I had my daughter👧🏼 home for a week with the shingles.

The shingles of all things! What the heck?? She is like, 13 years old for crickey’s sake. It was a surprise. Like you guys, I have been avidly watching the news, learning more about this Corona Virus 🦠 that has hit the world 🌍 The shingles was not on my list of approaching illnesses.

I can’t tell you how scary this was. I was really worried that if she is sick, her immune system would be taking a hit. 3 sets of antibiotics and cream later and we are on the up side. There is nothing more worrying or stressful for a parent than a child who is in pain and there really is not a lot you can do. Now that my friend is scary frightening. I can’t flee you how many night we were up just sitting there with a hot drink in the night. The hardest few days I’ve had for a while!

Lucky for us, she is back to her normal self. Quick action and no messing around, getting her to the doctor was really what made the journey less painful for her. Miss HD was gutted to be away from school last week and she missed inter school athletics and the school social! 💜

I am really pleased we made the week go by quickly. We washed everything!! I honestly was doing about about 2-3 loads of laundry each day just to keep on top of things!!!

Advice- well all I can say is be safe out there! We just don’t know what is going to happen but we can manage ourselves so keep safe and healthy!!

Kia Kaha

Rosie 🌹


A New Journey

It’s officially the start of a new school year and term 1 which means the kids go back to school.

Miss HD has already began her next step in life as a high school student but at boarding school. She had her first week of school last week which was by all her accounts- fun!! She is boarding because this school is an hour away from our home. It’s too much for her to travel each day and besides, it’s a great experience!! I believe this will set her up for life.

The karate kid and I are starting a new journey too!! We are going to the same school. As I got a permanent job at a local school, it made sense to bring him with me. He is going to have the most amazing teacher this year – ME!!

I can keep track of his learning and it’s takes a burden away from the days when I haven’t been able to go to sports events or be there to see other cool things because I couldn’t get time off work!! It will be a process but we will get there.

So while I have my first day back at school (teacher only day) the Karate Kid has to wait until tomorrow so he gets one more day to hang out with his Nan and Grandad!!

So if you’re heading back to the usual routines and kids are going back to school too – ENJOY!!

Until next time, be safe

Rosie 🌹

Am on my way……

I have that song stuck in my head now. How about you?? LOL.

Yep, well I am literally on my way in just a few days. I am going home to see the. parents and siblings. Sitting talking to hubby about this just the other day and it has been FIVE years since we were there. Really?? I didn’t think it had been that long but there you go! Funny how time flies.

Really what have we been up to? I suppose looking back at 5 years is a bit harder. In the last 2 years I have had a lot of change with jobs and kids have transitioned from one school to the next. We are now onto the next transition in our lives where Miss HD moves to college. Karate Kid will transition with me to a new school….and I will be his teacher next year. LOL lets hope we both survive this one.

This next journey for me is an independent one. Yes this one is to see my parents who are not keeping so well. Mum was diagnosed with Dementia a while back and it seems to be further on than I had thought. I felt it was a good time to get home and see them both before things turn pear shaped.

You know when we moved here 13 years ago, we knew this part of the journey would pop up but as a kid, you just think your parents are indestructible. They’ve always been there and you just think they always will be. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the girl who pines for home, nope my home is here in New Zealand but I am the kid who does miss things. I miss my family (sometimes) and particularly when my kids were little. They only knew 2 aunties instead of the 8 or 9 they do have. My kids have had the best time. There is a saying that goes – you don’t miss what you don’t have.

When we went to Scotland 5 years ago with. the kids, it was the busiest time ever. I really don’t think I have visited as many play parks as we did on that holiday. They loved it!! They met their grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and great aunties and uncles. They knew they had all these people in their life but we are a blink and. nod away from everything. What we gave them from that trip were the best memories. You’re probably wondering why I am not taking the kids. We don’t want to change those memories for the kids and with Mum’s memory on the blink, we didn’t want to. tarnish the memories. they do have with sad ones.

So in a few days I will be off on a plane on my lonesome (first time for a very long time). Hopefully I remember how to do that!! My travel documents are sorted. Places to stay are sorted. I am hoping to catchup with one or two people while I am home but this trip isn’t about a massive party….its about seeing Mum and Dad. Its seeing where things are at and what I can do to help improve it.

So wish me luck….. as I journey on my own and bring on some new memories and learn how to be cold again. Scotland can be an unforgivingly cold place that chills you to the bone but luckily the weather here isn’t that hot so I should be good.

Hopefully I can flick a quick blog post in and share some of the new memories with you, but until then, keep safe peoples and think of me as I travel from one corner of the earth to the next!!

Be safe


End of Year

So we have almost reached the end of another year. It seems as though they just fly by these days and at times I also feel like I haven’t achieved much. This year however, so much has changed.

I began this year teaching as a reliever and ended it in a full time fixed term teaching role. I am proud to say that I secured myself a permanent teaching post starting in February 2020. Seriously stoked about that!!

Now here we are getting ready for Christmas 🎄 I don’t know about you but I am ready for this break. I actually head overseas for some of this holiday. I will drop a story or too from there. Nothing like sharing the love.

I want to find a better balance of work and home. I know next year is going to be busy with one kid in college and a new job but we all make changes and survive.

Change is good!!

Well I think today I will leave it here. I have a million and one things to get through before we even hit Christmas. I am looking st things differently for now, hope you are too!!

Have an amazing day and I will touch base soon.

Be good and keep safe

Rosie 🌹

The Show Must Go On…..

Another year is almost gone. Another dance recital under the belt. She loves performing on stage, showcasing her talents with her friends. She has hung out with some cool people, learned new moves and become a very confident young lady. This recital was amazing and sad at the same time!

Miss Highland Dancer goes to college next year. This will be her last performance under her current school of dance.

With eight years of dancing behind her and nine recitals- yes 9, it was a beautiful finale to a wonderful journey through dance. We have been attending dance recitals since 2011 but….. the curtain fell tonight for the last time. As the end of this era closes another journey begins!!

Let me share a little of last nights final performance!!

Recital 2019

The programme. All dances were under the theme of Disney. My favourite was Mary Poppins.

With all her Highland friends in the background!!

They danced a fling. As usual. She is at the front!!

Then we saw Moana.

The Lion King was up next next for the highland girls.

What I love about our recital is that there are so many genres of dance. There is Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet and Highland. All at different levels and abilities. A real mix of talent!!

It was a bittersweet moment for a second to realize that this is the last one of these BUT the door has not closed on dancing!

A humungous thank you to Holly, Katie, Sarah and Donna!! You have all contributed to this girls dance journey. She will continue to dance in Highland and attend competitions when we can. She wants to join the dance club at college next year as well.

So as the door closes on the recital lifestyle, we welcome the challenges of a college lifestyle and what that may bring!!

Ka kite ano

Another cuppa tea

How do you start your day?

Me, well I usually catch up on emails and have a quick game on my phone. Once the alarm dings, I really need to get out of bed.

Being a working mum, I have to get organized so that could mean laundry to sort and hang out. It also means motivating your children to move! That’s not easy at the best of times so a nice cuppa tea 🍵 helps start the day.

My Granny used to say that a cuppa of tea solves everything and if you knew my Granny, you would know she was always right. So I take her advice often and I have a modern take on things these days.

Granny liked using China tea cups and I suppose for her that was a really special thing, but I need a mug- a big one!!

So before I go tackle my day today, I will wish you well and go put the kettle on!

Have a good one

Rosie 🌹

Cricket with a Black Cap

Wowsers!! Karate kid has a new love ❤️ yes it’s cricket!! This is his summer sport for the 2nd season.

We went out and got him all kitted out since it seems this is the summer sport of choice! New bag, new helmet, the box and all that jazz!! Yep we are ALL sorted.

Then today we rock up to cricket training – a special one as all the teams were training together. They had a visitor to their training- Blair Tickner – who is a local CHB boy and plays for the Black Caps.

It was pretty wicked to see all the kids jump up and down with excitement. We also had the batting coach there too. Peter Fulton. A bit exciting.

Blair Tickner with the Karate Kid

They had a few practice runs as usual for their training but they had extra sessions with our experts. At the end their were a couple of games and our karate kid won one of them. He scored this neat singlet and had it signed too!

Pretty wicked hump day if you ask me!! This kid is so excited that he now wants to go to a Black Caps game and watch more cricket 🏏 .

So I need to go and calm down a kid before he bounces off the roof!

Happy days folks!

Rosie 🌹

The Cosmic World

Do you believe?? I know I do!! I believe that some one out there is looking out for us all the time.

I believe that anything is possible if we just pop out into the cosmic world of everything and let it happen. We can be anything we want to be. We can have anything we want to have. We just need to believe it can happen.

Do you wanna be great at maths? Do you wanna rock out all your exams with A+? Do wanna have an nice big bank balance? Do wanna windfall? It can be done!!

How does it work? It’s simple. Write it down in a positive way and with a clear view.

For example, I wrote a cosmic plan recently. It has no more than 6 things.

I am receiving large amounts of money now.

I am receiving jobs offers now.

I am losing weight effortlessly now.

I am productive at work everyday.

You gotta think about what you want to achieve. Is it positivity in your life- then you will have something like – I surround myself with positive people daily.

Keep it clear, easy and precise. It can work for you as much it does for me!! Give it a try and see what happens.

You will rock it!! See you on the other side!!

Cosmic Rosie 🌹

Ducks Day Out

Don’t you just love when you hop out for a walk and the ducks are in FORCE!!

I shit you not! It was duck day in Waipuk! And not the usual duck day!

It was pretty neat heading out for a walk along the limestone track and you look to your left and see all the ducks and babies rocking it on the sewage plant!!

Not the best place for a swim but with duck season upon us, it does seem logical doesn’t it!! I tell you what- it just goes to show that even ducks have fun no matter the circumstances!!


If you asked me a year ago about Spotify, I would have rolled my eyes at you 🙄 as I wasn’t that savvy. But nowadays it’s a bit of a life saver!! I never thought this icon would be on my phone!!

Not only do I love it BUT my kids rule with it!! I have my tunes on a play list and I also have a few play lists. There’s a cleaning one, a vacuuming one and even a fitness one- not that it gets used much 😂 There are also all those kids ones! 😂

I love my tunes!!

If you don’t have Spotify, then I suggest you download it. I went for premium because it gave me lots of options. I can tell you that this app is a lifesaver. I love that I can download the playlists and keep them on my phone without a blink. All my fav tunes are there. The only issue we have these days is working out which list is going to play through the wonder boom. I reckon the kids will be getting their own boom boxes soon so they leave mine alone.

I have to charge it every time I need to use it. Typical!! So now that I have shared my Spotify wisdom with you, I will leave you to ponder how to use it. Its super easy to use so please give it a whack. I think you can try it for free for 30 days. I promise you won’t look back!!

Right I am going to whack on some tunes now. Happy music hunting friends

Rosie 🌹

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