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Make up?? Hmmm……

When it comes to make up I really don’t have a clue what I am doing. I generally don’t wear any for that simple reason. I used to when I lived in the big city and had no kids. No excuse but it is my reality!

I think way back then, I cared a bit more but nowadays with work- hey I don’t think the kids care if wear it or not. They just turn up to school!! But saying that I do like to try stuff out when I do have time.

I’ve looked at videos on YouTube for applying mascara really well. They work if you can see what your doing. I have to take off my specs and honestly, I can see but I can’t see that well to make an amazing wonderful job of mascara.

I’ve got the mirror in the bathroom to help- you know the one with normal size and super zoom. I even saved some stuff on a board in my IG account. Honestly it isn’t helping my predicament of choosing to wear make up.

It gets a bit worrying when you hear about concealer, foundations, primer (I thought that was for houses), blush, eye shadows, liquid mascara, normal mascara and don’t get me started there.

You go shopping for a new mascara. In your inexperienced way and you stop at the make up isle or isles I should say. Now what kid of mascara do you need?? There is something for everything. I literally shit myself because I just need some black stuff to stick to my lashes and not run. 🙄 It’s just not that easy!!

You then sit back and look at everything. I mean everything. I catch someone else looking And I take a quick sneak peaks to see what they’re getting. I hate it!! Let me shop for clothes and shoes any day! Less stressful.

And now. Here I am. Sitting here thinking about getting ready to go out with the girls and I am thinking…….. to make up or not make up. If I do make up- what shall I do because bear in mind this is country bumpkin territory. Now I have waxed my brows so they are tidy- non-existent but tidy!!

Oh I think it will make me feel more in the spirit of going out. You know taking pride in me after all I did wax the brows. So maybe just a little to make me feel better. That would mean a little Thin Lizzy around the edges, some mascara and maybe lippy. Shit my Maxted isn’t looking the best! Shit I need to go shopping again 😱

Ah shoobies, that’s next weeks worry!! So let’s get a moving for today!!

So when I go out tonight, I will think I look ah- mazing because I have gone to quite a bit of effort and I really think that should be acknowledged. 🤣 Really in my mind I will look like this

But the reality is quite different considering I am a lot whiter and have super thin lips.

So when you see me out and I have some make up on – please comment on how lovely I look bearing in mind it will look shite. I made an effort. An extra 5-10 minutes of my day with the zoom lense!

Some compliments may inspire me to buy more 😂😂

Rosie 🌹


My ING Jobs

Every weekend I feel like I chasing my tail. I know I’m not alone in this world with this task!!

Being a working mum, life gets busy. Geez, it was busy enough when I worked part time and when I was at home all day with the kids!! These days it’s hard enough to find 5 minutes for a cuppa. It just seems to be never ending!! I have heaps of jobs to catch up on every weekend and it doesn’t seem as though I have enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Just the general stuff is getting a bit boring – cleaning, baking, ironing, gardening, vacuuming, dusting, washing, car cleaning, fridge cleaning, pantry cleaning, window cleaning and probably so many more. I hate it because it takes a heap of time away from the important stuff. I have however found a modicum of balance lately with my bucket. Yes I have a special bucket. Its called the fuck it bucket.

If it just aint working for me it goes in the bucket until I am ready to deal with it. The thing with all these jobs is that they will still be there tomorrow…..always there tomorrow and often or not there are a few more additions to the list. I just plod along nowadays and work through what I can.

My job is prioritising and I can’t forget about the kids. They love to hang out and chill on the weekends so we do that and they are pretty good at helping me with the ING jobs as long as I have a good treat at the end of it!! My treat is just having it all done.

So now that I have shared my ING’s and OUTS with you (and my bucket) hopefully I have helped you in some weird way to deal with your ING challenges too. So I am going to say bye for now as another ING job is calling me – COOKING!!

Keep safe, and make time for you!! If it isn’t working, then pop it in the bucket!!


Rosie 🌹

Applications are now open……..

Don’t you hate having to go through that process of applying for jobs? I do. Its the anticipation of applications, interviews, making a good impression and all because you need a job. You need to earn some moolah to make ends meat and just have a life.

Currently, I have a neat job but it is only until the end of the year so right now all these new jobs are popping up all over the place. That famous line……..applications are now open for this position or that. Don’t you ever wonder about it? I know I do but then I am an over thinker so you can just imagine what my mind is doing at 3am most nights at the moment.

My mind. is trying to work through whether my CV is professional enough even though I’ve had it checked over by 5 different people. Then there is the cover letter. Did I meet the brief on that? Did I tailor it to the advertisement and nail the brief? Then I worry if I will even get an interview. Then the interview comes along and suddenly I am in PANIC mode because getting this job would be the BEST. THING. EVER. Sometimes its just too much and you feel like you have flunked it before you’ve even started.

I know that I have applied for so many jobs over the years. When I was younger and applied for jobs, often or not I would get the offer. It was exciting but I also knew that I was actually quite good at my job…….and well I’d like to think I still am. LOL. But then, just because your good at what you do, doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get the job you apply for. The worst thing right now is that there are probably 50 other people going for the exact the same position as you.

So you worry and stress and HOPE. Yep, hope that you will be that lucky person but then you find out that you were not successful at this time. What the heck? You then overthink what you could have done wrong……did I answer a question wrong, or perhaps not do something that they wanted you to do or maybe it was something I said.

Sods law says that it was none of the above. Sometimes, it is actually about who you know and not so much what you know. Sometimes you go there and interview without even knowing that someone else is at the top of their list. You may have made an impression but it just wasn’t what they wanted or WHO they wanted.

This is life. Let me share my words of wisdom with you, well actually Granny’s. She was a very wise woman. She always said that “Whats for you, won’t go past you”. She was VERY WISE indeed. Have you ever accepted a job because you needed one but it wasn’t the one you really wanted? How did it work out?? Good or bad?? I can tell you I have and at the end of the day, I trust my gut and I always keep Granny’s wise words in my head.

Don’t take it personally, if they don’t like you – its their loss. Let me tell you something really important.

1. You are amazing!

2. You are great at your job.

3. All you need to do is BELIEVE because the perfect job will just pop up and come calling wth bells on.

So right now in my overthinking world, I need you to wish me luck as I wait patiently for the bells and whistles to start a tootling away. Its a nervous waiting game but I anticipate that at least one of these jobs that I have applied for will be for me! I just have to stay positive and keep everything crossed.

Ka rawe

Rosie 🌹

Paper, Rock, Scissors

Sometimes and some days I wish I was a kid still. How easy would it be if we could make every decision using paper, rock, scissors? It makes me laugh when I think about it. What will we have for dinner? Meat or shall we do take aways?? Yep I can see myself and hubby standing there and going through the old paper, rock, scissors saga. 😊

I was thinking about this today as the kids at school were playing never ending tag, taking turns on devices and choosing games. Can you imagine the uproar it would cause if we did that??

Nothing like good old decision making for us adults, eh?! We just have to make a call. Usually I go with my gut and if I am really hungry at tea time, its fast and easy to prepare. I have told you that I hate cooking, haven’t I?! Yep, if I can get out of that one, I will try. I reckon if I was to paper, rock, scissors who was cooking, I would lose and end up having to eat mushrooms so I just suck it up!!

So I think I will go right back to adulting again and forget all about this silliness. I mean…..really!! What was I thinking?? But wait, I just need to recharge first!!

Have fun today and if you try paper, rock, scissors, drop me a comment to let me know how it went!!

Kia kaha friends

Rosie 🌹

Taniwha Daffodils 🌼

Every year in Spring and over the month of September a local family open up their homestead 🏡 to the community with an amazing display of scenery, it’s called Taniwha Daffodils 🌼

The Maben Family have been doing this for years. This is our 12th year out there, picking daffodils and walking around the grounds enjoying the scenery.

Taniwha Daffodils is located on SH2 just outside Waipukurau going towards Dannevirke. From the 1st to 30th September every year you can stop in and have a stroll, picnic and even a cuppa. Makes an awesome family day out!! It doesn’t cost you anything except a few bunches of daffodils.

Did you know that they have over 400 different types of daffodils there.? Pretty cool fact!! Also there is a picture of the Karate in the bathrooms when he was a baby in a Freedom Photography shoot. We did this shoot years ago obviously but so cool to see our wee man on the wall!!

My kids love it there. Miss Highland Dancer and the Karate Kid enjoy their annual photo 🎥 shoot and so do I!! I take the moments when I can!! 💕🌼

There is an amazing 🌳 tree house 🏠 , tyre swing, old trees which are great for climbing, muddy puddles, a pond with swans 🦢 and ducks 🦆 and did I say the scenery is breathtaking??

I can tell you that the Karate Kid has a had few swims in the pond over the years and we even lost his gumboots (wellies) one year when he sank into the mud!! Ah , the memories!!

Shucks, if you haven’t been there, it’s definitely worth a visit!! Well I will leave you a few more pics of this years day out in our local community!! Our little country is an amazing place!!

Kia Kaha

Rosie 🌹

The Block

I don’t know about you but hubby and I have been avid viewers of The Block. Now usually I really enjoy it but I feel a bit let down this season.

I don’t why I feel let down but I do. Just watching these people bickering over silly stuff, well it was stupid. To be fair though, some of it was fun and some days it had me on the edge of my seat.

It couldn’t have been that bad really!!! Huh!! I think I actually got caught up in all this drama because so much was going in my own daily life, that it was good to jump into someone’s else’s drama! Normally I stick to my little motto – Not my monkeys!

Today however after thinking about it all, I feel really sad for those Blockies. I feel sad because of all the hard work they put in and to watch that auction last night go pear shaped, well it was just disheartening, for them. I know I couldn’t never do the block, it takes a certain kind of person and that one ain’t me. Kudos to those 8 people who stuck it out!!

Today, I am thinking that those guys have had a tough time of it, dealing with all kinds of drama and we don’t see the half it, do we? I really hope that things work out. That they go back to their lives and enjoy it. That they take the good memories from it and hold them!!

This is their time to make a new ending! Bring it to a close and make it worth it! I am thinking of you 💕

That’s it. That’s all today.

Kia Kaha

Rosie 🌹

Social Bunny

Who loves social media? Yep me!! I use Instagram (click on the links at the top of this page). Feel free to follow me!! I love 💕 making new friends!!

I don’t post everyday but every other day!! I like to be up beat so I try to post some positivity meme or maybe share something wonderful about my day. Maybe a sunrise, sunset or it could be my kids or from my school day.

I also have snapchat, Pinterest and FB. I used to have twitter too but that got annoying.

I also have my own blogging page on FB called Life’s Rosie where you can see all this stuff!!

I just like to share different things. I like to talk, what can I say!! I try to make it funny but sometimes it just isn’t funny, sometimes it is what it is!!

So if you feel like seeing something from me each day- well just follow me!! I love ❤️ and comments or even just a 👍 is great!!

Check me out on social media!! See ya soon!! 👍💕🌸

Rosie 🌹

Fit bit

Don’t you love your gadgets when they work?! I certainly do but help my life, I just didn’t know what to do with my Fitbit this past week.

So it’s a cute wee gadget watch- Charge 3 (Check it out here) in blue (my FAVOURITE colour) and rose gold. It tracks my steps, calories, weight, lady days, active minutes, floors (I think that means when you like go upstairs and what not) and sleep 💤.

I love 💕 it!! I am not one of those airy fairy people who track their meals and water intake and work to a calorie controlled diet – it just doesn’t work for me. See my posts about fasting. It explains my lifestyle now!!

Anyways my watch has been great!! Double tap and you see the time, tap again and it shows my steps, calories and active minutes. I sync it daily with my Fitbit app. I do love it!! I even have groups on Fitbit where I can join challenges each week which encourages you to get moving!! Workweek hustle is my favourite!! I don’t always win them but I strive NOT to be at the bottom!

Anyways this week it’s been a struggle as my watch hasn’t been working properly. So it calibrated all the info but my screen has been blank. So I hit google and found out to reset it. No joy. Still blank. So I messaged Fitbit and they gave me some instructions which was fun. Still no joy. So I emailed them again and got more instructions but still no joy. Turns out I am wearing this really nice arm band!!

Fitbit have been awesome!! They are sending me a new one as my watch is still under warranty!! Yay!!!

So I am eagerly awaiting a new tracker so when I actually tap the screen I can see the time! 😂😂 sometimes it is just the little things!!

It pays to be patient!! Bring on the new tracker Fitbit!! I am itching to see my screen working again!!

For the people looking at Fitbit- it’s awesome!! I had a verse before and upgraded to the Charge 3. Love it and would recommend it to anyone!! I used my Flybuys rewards points to purchase mine!! Definitely worth a look see!!

Well I think I will let you go shopping and see what you can find today!!

Happy shopping Fitbit lovers!!

Rosie 🌹

The Little Things in Life 🌸

Sometimes it takes just one small act of kindness to make your day. Well the other day the neatest thing happened to me.

I got flowers!! I also received a hug or two. These two buds appeared on my computer just after lunch. The loveliest gift any teacher could receive. A bit of a special moment for me 💜

Take Joy in the small things in life.

Rosie 🌹

Choose Kind

We all need a boost at some point. I read these memes each day which say something like – you don’t know the story behind each person. Sometimes that random act of kindness can be a lifesaver. Remember, all it took was a smile 😊

I love doing little random things. It makes me smile just putting some positivity into someone’s day!! Choose Kind people, it’s free!!

Somebody somewhere is having a bad day and they need you. You don’t need to say the right thing or buy a present. Sometimes it can feel awkward but stick it out because just sometimes they just need you there.

Stay positive

Rosie 🌹

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